Aita for selling my sonand

Also for future you might want to post and find out the minimum computer requirements for the games you play with your son and ask for advice from gaming forums on what is the cheapest computer you could get so that you can cut down on saving. I game and my laptop is not $2K. ... AITA for selling a TV..

YTA. I'm betting your ex-MIL gifted it to you so that you could continue passing it down in your own family. Selling it is a disrespect to the memory of those who had it before. Maximum-Ear1745 said: YTA. Don't sell it without at the very least offering it back to your ex's family. Fearless_Ad1685 said: NTA. It was a gift and your ex-MIL ...AITA for cancelling it altogether? Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Locked post. New comments cannot be posted. ... NTA. A man who “puts God first” is not a selling point honestly. Sounds like he uses it to be controlling and mean. YTA if you keep letting him treat you and your daughter like this though.

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AITA for selling everything I got from my parents?I (27M) live alone. My brother (21M) and his girlfriend (19F) still live with our parents as they can't afford a place of their own. His gf is currently pregnant with him in 4 months. My brother asked to bring his girlfriend for dinner in order to catch up and I said sure, why not.An ‘AITA for refusing to forgive my dad for breaking our deal’ has users enraged at a ‘sneaky’ and ‘manipulative’ father. People on social media can’t seem to get enough of AITA’s ...The father saying that it all blended fine and not seeing how leaving the wedding early is awful of him also shows, that the kid was propably alone with all those hard feelings. In AITAland no stepchild has ever liked their stepparent. They are all evil and overbearing and want to replace a dead parent.

I said I was planning on selling my 2 properties and use money for my upcoming surgery and the rest will be split equally between my daughters besides the house as mentioned in my will. He talked about how unfair he thought it was that both sisters get equal inheritance asking me to take under consideration the fact that both are at very ...My in-laws (60s) have always been welcome guests, visiting for a few weeks here and there, and contributing financially towards maintenance costs. Last month, my in-laws suddenly announced they were selling their house to "downsize" and move into a tiny condo.Tell my son I'm selling the house and he could find somewhere else to live with all of you. I go to a realtor in town and list the house for sale. They call my son at work and tell him …

I suggested other things which she rejected so I told her I'm open to suggestions but my son isn't going to be our source of income. she told me I should think more of her than my son. That made me a little mad so I told her my son will always come before her. She called me an asshole after that and hasn't talked to me since.AITA for selling a car that I said my brother can have. Not the A-hole. I had a car that I did not need and was going to give to my brother. The car was in good condition since I treated it well. He was about 30 years old at the time and did not have his license. 2 years went by and he still did not get his license, mostly due to Covid.r/AmItheAsshole. A catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher in all of us, and a place to finally find out if you were wrong in an argument that's been bothering you. Tell us about any non-violent conflict you have experienced; give us both sides of the story, and find out if you're right, or you're the asshole. ….

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Aita for selling my sonand. Possible cause: Not clear aita for selling my sonand.

r/AmItheAsshole. A catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher in all of us, and a place to finally find out if you were wrong in an argument that's been bothering you. Tell us about any non-violent conflict you have experienced; give us both sides of the story, and find out if you're right, or you're the asshole.The now-viral Reddit post, titled, "AITA for not sharing any family news with my son growing up because he'd tell my ex everything, resulting in legal issues," has been upvoted 14,500 times since ...

My ex moved in with his new girlfriend and she isn't a fan of my son. His stepmother doesn't want him there if his father isn't there so my son is also in the new house with his dad, his dad's pregnant girlfriend and her mom. My son is sixteen now and he called me to see if he could stay with me. I said I didn't really have any room.op=NTA. This is a premarital asset--if you sell and invest in new house, it becomes a joint asset, if you put the profit from a sale into the house--it becomes a marital asset. DO NOT DO THIS, also just to be safe in case your jurisdiction has other rules that could make it a joint asset get a Prenup.

cats don Collegefundbaby. Aita for telling my dad he's not entitled to a relationship with me. Not the A-hole. When i (27f) was around 10 my parents divorced, it was a messy thing, no one ever told me the reason and i do not really care. My mom won custody because she was able to prove in court that my father was an unfit parent.In case this story gets deleted/removed: AITA for selling my 18K engagement ring and wearing a dupe around my fiancé. Throwaway account, apologies for the mobile formatting. For context, my (F28) fiancé (M31) proposed to me around 6 months ago with an 18K ring he inherited from his deceased mother. Mind you we are not wealthy in the slightest ... wood_babee popular5 letter words with r and u A place to satirize, crosspost from, poke fun at, and hold meta discussions on the never-ending ridiculous stories and creative writing exercises from AITA and AITA-adjacent subs, including classic tales of your local reddit heroes seeking validation. Memes allowed, shitposts only on weekends. Taking the posts seriously is heavily discouraged.My son unfortunately has behavioral problems and it's been very difficult raising him. He throws temper tantrums, gets in trouble in school frequently, refuses to listen to my wife and I. As a result, my wife and I started having disagreements about how we should handle him (i.e whether to punish more, let him get his anger out, etc). are jehovah This is the chance for you to ensure your child's future and, as her mother, it's only right for you to do so. Ella can look for alternate ways to become a mother that doesn't involve spending your part of the inheritance. Fertility problems are super unfortunate but it doesn't give her the right to take your daughter's college money.“My son has exhibited awful behaviour, god only knows how this has come about” … proceeds to exhibit awful behaviour. We can’t (shouldn’t, at least) speculate too much on why the son might have done this, it is awful for the sister and no wonder she’s so upset, but the decisions the parents have made as a result are wild. carvana used cars under dollar5000csvonmalittlelovelythings2.jpegenzvq2c9ftl Sell the house to your aunt, appraised value plus your mom's inheritance. Sell the house and live your life as you like, otherwise the house will always be something for your family to argue about. Go NC with your aunt and keep a low information diet with everyone else in the family. NTA sell the house.He pulled out a small box told Jacob to open it. Jacob did so thinking it had the key to the new car. But it turns out to be a toy car. Jacob asked about it and Dale revealed that there was no car and that he wanted to get him a toy car from the get go and that it was a prank. Some guests laughed but Jacob was furious. craigslist madison cars by owner Cause it doesn't sound like your husband ever defended you by telling the kids you weren't his mistress or taking the mom to court for parental alienation. Your soon to be ex-husband was just a complicent in his kids' actions as his ex-wife was. NTA. He's being a lousy husband and a lousy father.AITA for selling "my daughter's" car? Asshole. I (56M) have a son (28M) and a daughter (22F). I like both of my kids equally however they are different individuals with different lives so I help them based on their needs. My son did not do well in high school and went to a community college and decided it was not for him after a semester and ... abc childrensks zn baznshift manager domino The doctors recently found cancer in my wife, but quick enough to do Chemo to shrink it then remove it. It’s not threatening if we are able to do this process. We needed money, and I had given my son my old car. I told him this was an emergency and I had to sell it. He wasn’t the only one who had to make a sacrifice, my wife and I had to ...